Scorers Lge Cup Total
O Ayoola 0 1 1
D Crouch 21 12 33
F Bent 21 3 24
J Burman 1 0 1
C Crudden 1 0 1
K Dent 3 2 5
M Duarte 3 0 3
B Eves 0 1 1
T Eyers 2 0 2
S Heather 1 0 1
C Heffernan 4 1 5
J Jordan 9 4 13
D Nash 2 2 4
C Nye 5 4 9
J Walter 1 2 3
L White 2 5 7
Updated 17.5.2009      

2008-2009 Squad:


Adam Molloy
Deren Ibrahim


Jack Walter
Lewis Sutherland
Charlie Crudden
Billy Eves
Tom Eyers


Sean Heather (Capt)
Danny Crouch
Ashley Issuree
Danny Nash
Luke White
Jake Burman


Callum Nye
James Jordan
Frazer Bent
Marco Duarte


Andy Weeks (Manager)
Cen Ibrahim (Assistant Manager)
Clare Weeks (U18's Secretary)

Team Photo 5.10.2008


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Dartford Whites Team Photo 2009-2010

Dartford Reds Team Photo 2009-2010


26.4.2009 Dartford win the KCFA Final 2-1 against Ashford in Faversham. Well done to the lads & staff.

Under 18's round up for the 2008-2009 season

Awards 2008-2009:

Supporters Player of Year (U18's): Danny Crouch
Players Player of Year (U18's): Danny Crouch
Managers Player of Year (U18's): Adam Molloy


Final Table 2008-2009 Season

Following on from last seasons creditable 4th place finish in the Kent Youth League, the squad is looking forward to the new season. The squad only had one outfield 2nd year player last year, with the rest of the squad being made up of 16 year olds. Trials were recently held, but given the quality of the existing squad, the outcome is that there will be a few new faces but not wholesale changes.

This season we have a target of improving on last seasons 4th place finish, but more importantly, improving the players so that we can again provide players for the U21’s to draw upon. Last year, 5 players from the 18’s tasted competitive action for the 21’s – no mean feat for a new squad of 16 year olds!

You can follow the progress of the side throughout the season in the home match day program or on this website.

Pre-season friendlies:

Dartford v Dartford (North) 20 July FT: 3-1 Report
Scorers: Sami Kadri (2) and Callum Nye

Dartford v AFC Wimbledon Sun 27 July FT: 1-2
Scorers: Heffernan

Phoenix Sports v Dartford 3rd Aug FT: 2-2 Report
Scorers: Nye, Ayoola MOTM:- Ola Ayoola

Dartford v Thurrock FC Sun 10 Aug FT: 6-0 Report
Scorers: Nye 2, Crouch 3, Jordan 1. MOTM Karl Dent & Brett Fairman

Canterbury City v Dartford 17 Aug 2008 FT: 2-3 Report
Scorers: Frazer Thorne-Bent, Danny Crouch, James Jordan

Dartford v Sheppey Sunday 24 Aug FT: 7-0 Report
Scorers: James Jordan (3), Ashley Issuree, Jack Walter, Connor Heffernan and Ola Ayoola.

Brentwood v Dartford 31 Aug 2008 FT: 5-0

Dartford v Erith Town 8th Sep 2008 FT: 2-0 Report
Scorers: Frazer Thorne-Bent, Connor Heffernan


Kent Youth League

Sunday 7th September - Away
Thamesmead Town  vs  Dartford FC 
Match postponed as Thamesmead have withdrawn their team from the league.

Sunday 14th September - Home
Dartford FC  vs  Sittingbourne
Match postponed as Sittingbourne unable to field a team
(3 points awarded to Dartford)

Sunday 21st September
Tonbridge Angels  vs  Dartford FC FT 1-4 Report
Scorers: Crouch, Bent, Dent, Eyers

Sunday 5th October 2008
Dartford FC vs Chatham Town FT 3-0 Report
Scorers: Crouch (2), Nye

Sunday, 12th October 2008
Corinthian v Dartford FC FT 2-1 Report
Scorers: Nye

Sunday, 19th October 2008
Guru Nanak v Dartford FC   FT 1-10 Report
Scorers: Bent (4), Heffernan (3), Nash, Crouch, Eyers

Sunday 16th November 2008
Dartford FC v Tonbridge Angels FT 1-0
Scorers: Crouch Report

Sunday 23rd November 2008
VCD  v  Dartford FC FT 3-5 Report
Scorers: Jordan (3), Dent & Heffernan.

Sunday 7th December 2008
Welling Utd vs Dartford FC FT 0-2 Report
Scorers: Crouch, Bent

Sunday 21st December 2008
Cray Wanderers vs Dartford FC FT 1-2 Report
Scorers: Bent, Walter

Sunday 4th January 2009
Dartford FC vs Sevenoaks FT 5-1 Report Pix
Scorers: Bent (2), Crouch, Dent & OG

Sunday 1st February 2009
Ebbsfleet vs  Dartford FT 1-2 Report
Scorers: Crouch, Jordan

Sunday 1st March 2009
Dartford vs Corinthians FT 2-1 Report
Scorers: Heather, Bent

Sunday 8th March 2009
Chatham Town vs Dartford FT 2-2 Report
Scorers: Crouch (2)

Sunday 15th March 2009
Dartford vs Welling FT 3-4 Report
Scorers: Crouch (2), Crudden

Sunday 22nd March 2009
Dartford vs Bearsted FT 4-3
Scorers: Duarte, Crouch, Bent, OG

Sunday 5th April 2009
Dartford vs VCD FT 3-1
Scorers: Crouch, Jordan, Bent

Dartford Under 18's Catch-up Report From Andy

Sunday 12th April 2009
Maidstone vs Dartford FT 1-2 Report
Scorers: Nye, Bent

Sunday 19th April 2009
Sevenoaks vs Dartford FT 2-4 Report
Scorers: Bent (3), Crouch

Thursday 30th April 2009
Dartford FC vs Ebbsfleet Utd FT 1-1 Report
Scorers: Crouch

Sunday 3rd May 2009
Bearsted vs Dartford FT 0-12 Report
Scorers: Jordan (4), Bent (3), Crouch (2), Nash, Nye, White

Thursday 7th May 2009
Dartford FC vs Guru Nanak FT 2-2
Scorers: Crouch (2) Full Pix

Sunday 10th May 2009
Sittingbourne vs Dartford FT 1-6
Scorers: Duarte (2), Bent, Crouch, White, Nye

Sunday 17th May 2009
Dartford vs Maidstone FT 3-1
Scorers: OG, Bent, Burman Full Pix Full2 Pix2


Final Table 2008-2009 Season

Next Match: END

(n) denotes match sequence, where (1) is the next match, (2) is the match after that etc.

All Kick-offs 11:00 unless advised otherwise.


KCFA Youth Cup 2nd Round
Sunday, 26th October 2008
Dartford FC v Bredhurst Juniors FT 5-0
Scorers: Nye (2), Ayoola, Dent, Crouch
Pix Full Report

("Pix" = a slideshow, Full = .zip file of full size pctures)

KCFA Youth Cup 3rd Round
Sunday 30th November 2008 FT 5-3
Dartford FC v Thamesmead Town Report
Scorers: Crouch (2), Nye, Heffernan, Nash

KCFA Youth Cup 4th Round
Sunday 28th December 2008
Dartford FC v Ramsgate FT 3-0 Report
Scorers: Bent (2), Walter

KCFA Quarter Final
Sunday 25th January 2009
Dartford FC  vs  Dover Athletic FT 3-0 Pix Full Report Pix2
Scorers: Nash, Jordan, White

KCFA Semi Final
Sunday 22nd February 2009
Tonbridge Angels  vs  Dartford FC FT 0-5 Report
Scorers: Crouch (3), Walters, Eves Pix

KCFA Final
Sunday 26th April, 2009 FT 1-2 CHAMPIONS
Ashford Town v Dartford FC  Pix Full Pix2 Full2 Video
Scorers: Jordan (2) Report


Onetwenty2 Challenge Cup

Sunday, 9th November 2008 - Princes Park Stadium
Dartford [U18C] v Bromley [U18N] FT 4-1
Scorers: White (2), Crouch, Nye Report

OneTwenty2 Challenge Cup Round 3

Sunday 14th December 2008
Dartford FC  vs  Ebbsfleet Utd FT 0-1 Report


John Ullman Memorial Cup 2nd round

Wednesday 22nd October 2008
Hollands & Blair v Dartford FC FT 0-2 Pix Full Report
Scorers: Jordan, Crouch
("Pix" = a slideshow, Full = .zip file of full size pctures)

John Ullman Memorial Cup 3rd round

Thursday 18th December 2008
Saltdean Utd v Dartford FC FT 0-5 Report
Scorers: Crouch (3), Bent, Dent

John Ullman Cup Quarter Final

Thursday 19th March 2008
Croydon Athletic vs Dartford FC FT 4-3
Scorers: White (2), Crouch


Thursday 25th September 2008
FA Youth Cup
Maidstone Utd vs Dartford FC FT 1-0 Report Video



Deren takes the vote 22.9.2008



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